RPM Groups operates a full repair and service facility for ezispa spa pools in New Zealand.  

(Please note we do not service other brands such as mSPA, Lazy Spa or AquaSpa.)

1  - Only return the spa inner bladder that contains the grey control box (this houses the heater, blower and circulating pumps). Do NOT send the spa outer skin, zip on lid or infill heat retention bladder.  

2 - Ensure you label the spa with the fault that needs repair, Your Name, Return address and the purchase date/invoice number.

3 - If returning by courier we recommend Fastway as they have direct access to our warehouse.

4 - All spas being returned to our service center must be fully cleaned and contain no water, sludge or debris of any kind.  If a spa is found to        not meet these criteria the spa will not be serviced until a cleaning fee of $100 is paid.  This is to ensure no contaminated water has the        potential to cross contaminate other spa pools.

5 - If deliverying the spa see the below instructions on how to find us and what to do when you drop the spa off.

eziSPA Drop Off Instructions
Please read